Survey for Unpaid Arts Interns
This survey is designed to collect data on unpaid internships in Canada's arts & culture sector. If your internship was at a museum, a gallery, a festival, a theatre, an art publication, an arts nonprofit or other organization to do with visual art, performance, museology, or music, you're in the right place.  

In order to create a more equitable field for young workers, we need to know more about what types of people work unpaid internships and what organisations can do to better support their interns. Once we collect this data, we'll compile a "Who's who" of the best cultural organisations from a labour standpoint, create toolkits for organisations looking to create more lasting communities alongside their interns, and send the results to granting bodies across Canada to encourage the support of organisations who treat their workers well.Please feel free to submit this form multiple times if you have worked multiple internships.

This survey is primarily aimed at unpaid interns, however, we're interested in collecting data from the perspectives of paid interns as well as employees of arts organisations. If you work for an arts organisation and would like to offer feedback, or if you were a paid intern and would like us to note that your organisation pays, please email You can track our findings on
Your participation in this study is voluntary. Please be assured that all your responses will remain confidential and anonymous. 

No question on this survey is mandatory. If you don't feel comfortable answering a particular question, feel free to skip it. 

The survey will take about ten minutes to complete.

Clicking "Continue" indicates that you consent to share this information voluntarily and have read the terms above.

About me:

I identify my gender as:

My ethnicity is:

My age:

About my organisation:

I did my internship at:

name of organisation
..under the direction of:

supervisor's name

number of months

Whether you named your organization or not, please let us know the city where it took place.
Year: *

Example: 2004
I interned at an arts & culture organization.

Example: A museum, a gallery, a theatre, a dance company, a publication about art.

The type(s) of work that I did there:

There was a paid employee performing the same tasks as me.

Training and Expectations:

I received (#) hours of training from my supervisor or another employee:

There was a formal work agreement that established the responsibilities of:

I received these other types of training relating to my internship:


The level of guidance given to me by my supervisors:

Recognition for my involvement:

A letter of recommendation:

I received a stipend or honorarium for having completed the internship.

If yes, please specify the amount of the stipend.
If no, please type "0".
If you received a stipend but would prefer not to say the amount, type «111».
Quality of life considerations:

How flexible was the working arrangement?

I was expected to spend (#) hours working each week:

Was lunch or travel compensation provided by the organisation?

I was expected to perform additional tasks outside my job description:

I performed these extra chores:

I was able to work an internship because:

I would describe my family's financial situation as:

My family's financial standing influenced my openness to an unpaid internship.

Please rate how much you agree or disagree with this statement.
Name recognition inside the organisation:

My supervisors' familiarity with my personal projects:

My supervisors offered support for my personal projects in the form of:

Name recognition outside the organisation:

How can the general public see my involvement?

My continuing relationship to the organisation:

How is my relationship with the organisation now that my internship is finished?

What does an ideal intern relationship look like to you?

What did you appreciate about your internship?  What should your organisation have done differently?

Anything else you'd like to add?

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